Item no. 890-743

Snap-in socket; 3-pole; Cod. B; 1,50 mm²; gray

Stock item
  • Protected against mismating and maintenance-free
  • Push-in CAGE CLAMP® spring pressure connection technology allows solid conductors to be simply pushed into a unit.
  • Low profile with 4.4 mm pole spacing
  • Components can be clearly printed on and color-coded to meet custom requirements.
  • When assembled, the installation connectors comply with IP40 and are suitable for easily accessible areas.

All connectors for mounted installations (snap-in versions for lighting fixtures or devices, all types of PCB and distribution connectors) are factory-equipped with locking levers to ensure plugs and sockets are securely locked. Additional locking levers are only required for flying leads (plug/socket).
Note on mismating protection:
All WINSTA® components are 100% protected against mismating when:
a.) plugging different numbers of poles
b.) plugging while rotated 180 

c.) plugging while laterally staggered
d.) plugging one pole

Safety information 1:
Application note for the U.S. market (USR): Some versions may also be used for current interruption in accordance with the UL certificate in select applications with currents below 5 A and voltages up to 600 V. For further information, please contact your local sales office.

Product details

Electrical data
Note on Contact Resistance approx. 1 mΩ of contact resistance
 approx. 0.25 mΩ contact transition plug/socket
Ratings per IEC/EN 60664-1
Ratings per IEC/EN 60664-1
Nominal voltage (III/3) 250 V
Rated surge voltage (III/3) 4 kV
Rated current 16 A
Note on rated current 13 A for 3-pole load
Legend (ratings) (III / 3) ≙ Overvoltage category III / Pollution degree 3
Ratings per UL 1977
Rated voltage UL 1977 600 V
Rated current UL 1977 14 A
Connection data
Connection technology Push-in CAGE CLAMP®
Actuation type Operating tool
Nominal cross-section 1.5 mm²
Solid conductor 0.25 … 1.5 mm² / 22 … 16 AWG
Solid conductor; push-in termination 0.75 … 1.5 mm² / 20 … 16 AWG
Stranded conductor 0.25 … 1 mm² / 22 … 18 AWG
Fine-stranded conductor 0.25 … 1.5 mm² / 22 … 16 AWG
Fine-stranded conductor; with insulated ferrule 0.25 … 0.75 mm² / 22 … 20 AWG
Fine-stranded conductor; with uninsulated ferrule 0.25 … 0.75 mm² / 22 … 20 AWG
Fine-stranded conductor; with ferrule; push-in termination 0.75 mm² / 20 AWG
Strip length 9 mm / 0.35 inch
Note (strip length) see also packaging or instructions
Pole No. 3
Total number of connection points 3
Total number of potentials 3
Conductor entry direction to mating direction 0 °
Physical data
Pin spacing 4.4 mm / 0.173 inch
Width 24.2 mm / 0.953 inch
Height 16 mm / 0.63 inch
Depth 39.85 mm / 1.569 inch
Mechanical data
Coding B
Mating force of a plug-in connection approx. 20 … 70 N (depending on pole number)
Retention force of a plug-in connection Locked: > 80 N
Unmating force of a plug-in connection Unlocked: approx. 20 … 70 N (depending on pole number)
Number of mating cycles

200, without resistive load

100, with resistive load IN = 16 A, tested (1.5 mm²)

Housing sheet thickness 0.5 … 2 mm / 0.02 … 0.079 inch
Mounting type Snap-in
Marking 1 2 3
Protection type IP40
Potential marking 1 2 3
Plug-in connection
Contact type (pluggable connector) Female connector/socket
Connector (connection type) for conductor
Mismating protection Yes
Locking of plug-in connection locking lever
Locking lever yes
Material Data
Color gray
Insulation material Polyamide (PA66)
Clamping spring material Chrome nickel spring steel (CrNi)
Contact material Copper or copper alloy (surface-treated)
Fire load 0.135 MJ
Weight 6 g
Environmental Requirements
Processing temperature -5 … +40 °C
Continuous operating temperature -35 … +85 °C
Note on continuous operating temperature Insulating parts for temperatures ≤ 105 °C
Commercial data
Product Group 20 (WINSTA)
Packaging type BOX
Country of origin PL
GTIN 4055143427838
Customs Tariff No. 85366990990
Approvals / Certificates
Country specific Approvals
Additional Approval Text
Certificate name
Approval: CB
DEKRA Certification B.V.
Additional Approval Text EN 61984
Certificate name: 71-112993
Approval: CB
DEKRA Certification B.V.
Additional Approval Text IEC 61984
Certificate name: NL-64351
Approval: CCA
DEKRA Certification B.V.
Additional Approval Text EN 60320
Certificate name: 2148952.04
Ship Approvals
Additional Approval Text
Certificate name
Approval: DNV GL
Det Norske Veritas, Germanischer Lloyd
Additional Approval Text -
Certificate name: TAE00001Z6
Approval: LR
Lloyds Register
Additional Approval Text EN 61535
Certificate name: 08/20047 (E2)
Additional Approval Text
Certificate name
Approval: cURus
Underwriters Laboratories Inc.
Additional Approval Text UL 1977
Certificate name: E45171
Bid Text
CAD data
2D/3D Models 890-743
CAE data
EPLAN Data Portal 890-743
WSCAD Universe 890-743
ZUKEN Portal 890-743
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Required accessories
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Installation Notes
4 Images
1. Strip length, outer insulation = 30 mm (2-pole), 37 mm (3-pole), 45 mm (4- and 5-pole)
2. Strip length = 9 mm
3. Extended ground conductor = 8 mm
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3 Images
Mismating protection
B-coded connectors with different colors can be plugged together.
Important note:
Different colors and/or pole marking are used for circuit identification.
Only connectors of the ...
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