Item no. 706-3057/300-300

System cable; for Schneider TSX; 16 digital inputs or outputs; Length: 3 m; Conductor cross-section: 0.14 mm²


Short description:

WAGO's Interface Cables provide fast and easy connection of WAGO I/O Modules equipped with 20-pole pluggable connector (750‐1400, ‐1402, ‐1500, ‐1501, ‐1502) to appropriate interface or relay modules (16‐channel) featuring a 20-pole pluggable connector.

The cables are available in 1-, 2- and 3-meter lengths; each has one 20-pole pluggable connector at both ends.

When using more than 10 wires, the maximum current per wire must be reduced to 0.7 A.

Product details


Electrical Data

In-/Outputs 16 digital in- or outputs
Operating voltage ≤ DC 35 V
Max. current per conductor 1 A

Safety and protection:

Protection class IP20

Connection data

Connection type (1) System
No. of poles 20
Pluggable connector Pluggable connector per DIN 41651; female connector
Connection type (2) System
No. of poles 2 20
Pluggable connector 2 Pluggable connector per DIN 41651; female connector
Type of cable LiYY
Cross section of single conductor 0.14 mm²
Color coding per DIN VDE 47100

Geometrical Data

Cable length 3 m

Material Data

Weight 231.3

Environmental Requirements

Surrounding air (operating) temperature -25 … 70 °C

Commercial data

Product Group 30 ()
Packaging type BOX
Country of origin FR
GTIN 4045454873783
Customs Tariff No. 85444290900




CAE data

WSCAD Universe 706-3057/300-300