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With WAGO Plus, we take responsibility for our most important assets: our employees.

The program supports a better work–life balance – because healthy, motivated employees are the key our company’s success.

Our Modules:

  • WAGO Family
  • WAGO Care
  • WAGO Life
  • WAGO Home


Behind WAGO’s success stands a committed team.

That’s why we’re also committed to our employees’ work–life balance.

Optimal Support

WAGO Plus is our program for a better work–life balance for you, through all phases of life. Whether they’re caring for young children or for elderly or disabled relatives – we offer our employees a wide variety of support options to make their everyday life easier.

WAGO Family

WAGO has a tradition of taking family very seriously. Many parents, especially young couples, are finding it harder and harder to balance work and family. We care about ensuring a healthy balance. Some of the tools we use to achieve that include:

  • Nursery spots
  • Monthly childcare allowance
  • Structured procedures for discussing paternal leave and return
  • Support for rapid reentry
  • Parental leave newsletter and further education offerings to maintain contact
  • Vacation childcare and events for the whole family
  • “Work–life balance” training module


As a forward-looking company, we take the topic of work–life balance seriously. The need to care for a relative often takes people by surprise. It’s seldom possible to predict when this need might arise, how long it will continue and how much of a commitment it will entail. This unpredictability is very challenging, especially for working people, when they have to react quickly to a relative’s sudden need for care. We don’t want to leave our employees hanging in such a crucial life situation, so we offer care workshops and care consultation. For this purpose, we’ve brought in a service provider specializing in work–life balance issues for support. It’s also possible to schedule an on-site appointment or a legally required counseling visit at your or the relative’s home or to contact the 24/7 care hotline.


Our employees’ health is important to us. We take a holistic approach to healthcare topics, from job security, to work–life balance and personal development. Active breaks and our numerous company sports offerings also contribute to balance and fitness. Our company restaurant uses fresh local food, and the “Vital Line” always offers light, healthy meals. Cooking classes on various nutrition topics are also possible.


The WAGO Home module of our WAGO Plus program combines services that make everyday life easier. They include support offerings for your home. In this area, we collaborate with various partners and companies and are continually expanding our offerings. Various employee benefits, our Persil cleaning services, dinner to go and our Packadoo Point for receive personnel packages are just a few examples.

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Additional service offerings:

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