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Certified Processes and Products

Guided by quality: WAGO continuously raises our own standards, as well as meets the lofty requirements of national and international norms. We are convinced that complete quality yields the greatest customer satisfaction. Therefore, we do not view our products as isolated components, but as a single unit. Successfully tested products support us in this intention.

We are certified in accordance with:

  • DIN ISO 14001
  • DIN EN ISO 50001
  • DIN ISO 9001
  • IRIS
  • AEO
  • Interseroh


DIN ISO 14001

WAGO stresses both environmental management and conservation, making both of these keystones of our overall philosophy. These efforts have been rewarded with ISO 14001 certification.

Independent certification bodies verify that WAGO has fulfilled the requirements of DIN ISO 14001. The certification verifies how deeply committed we are, not just to product quality, but to humanity and the environment.

DIN EN ISO 50001

WAGO considers energy efficiency and the conservation of natural resources and energy as central to our overall philosophy. This was confirmed by the successful certification of TÜV SÜD Management Service GmbH for our plants in Germany (Minden and Sondershausen) per ISO 50001.

DIN ISO 9001

In global competition, the integration of all corporate divisions into a comprehensive quality system is expected, in addition to high product quality. WAGO meets these requirements and was therefore certified according to DIN ISO 9001.

The requirements for an extensive quality assurance system are specified, among other places, in ISO 9001. To ensure that our quality assurance system was in compliance with the requirements outlined in the ISO standard, we commissioned an audit by an independent certification agency.


The IRIS certification – key to the international railway industry for WAGO and its customers. WAGO was one of the first companies in the field of electrical interconnection and automation technology to receive the IRIS certification related to the new international railway standard. The IRIS quality standard (International Railway Industry Standard) was defined by the UNIFE, the European association for the railway supply industry, and is comparable to the ISO/TS 16949 standards used in the automobile industry. However, the IRIS standard also places a strong emphasis on monitoring and controlling projects and processes.

IRIS is accepted and demanded by all major railway manufacturers. This means that railway industry suppliers who rely on WAGO products will be spared the expense of customized audits and assessments. The implementation of the new standard and successful auditing at WAGO were completed considerably faster than expected as the WAGO Management System already exceeded DIN ISO 9001 requirements prior to receiving IRIS certification.

The successful awarding of IRIS certification is an important part of WAGO’s quality strategy, whereby WAGO supplies high-quality, certified products and services for the railway industry as well as for other industrial and building applications. The IRIS certification applies for the plants in Minden and Sondershausen (both in Germany).


AEO stands for “Authorized Economic Operator” in customs processes. The goal is to safeguard the international supply chain from manufacturer to final consumer. The AEO status applies across the EU. Major corporations often require this status as prerequisite for partnerships. There are three AEO variants: Customs simplifications (AEO C), safety (AEO S) and the status covering both these categories. WAGO has been granted the combined status (AEO C+AEO S) for the Minden and Sondershausen locations.

Interseroh Certificate

As the initial distributor of sales and transport packaging, WAGO has a producer's responsibility. In addition to our material-conserving designs, the proper collection and environmentally sound disposal of packaging is our concern. Through participation in a dual system, we routinely have this process confirmed with a recycling certificate.

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