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News 28 April 2023
WAGO Power Supply with Tool-Free Push-in Technology

The Portfolio is Growing: the Eco 2 with Levers, Featuring 240 W Output Power

The Eco 2 family of power supplies, with push-in technology and built-in WAGO levers, gets a new addition. The models with 30 W and 120 W output power are now joined by a variant with 240 W output power (item no. 2687-2146).

The Benefits for You:

  • Quick, tool-free connection thanks to levers

  • High efficiency ≥ 90 %

  • Slim design saves space in the control cabinet

  • Reliable, robust, durable

Economical, Robust and Future-Proof!

The push-in connection and WAGO levers make device connection with the Eco 2 quick, easy and tool-free, saving time on wiring the power supply units. The option exists of retrofitting marking on the front to uniquely identify devices. With a reduced overall width of just 50 mm, the Eco 2 saves space. With their high efficiency – over 90 % – and the associated reduction in the amount of heat they generate, the devices are sustainable and durable. The potential-free DC OK contact indicates whether the output voltage is in the nominal range. Since the Eco 2 with lever technology meets current and upcoming standards, it is very future-proof. WAGO’s impressive Eco 2 Power Supply is an economical, reliable, robust power supply in control cabinets for 24 VDC mechanical engineering applications. Possible uses include production technology and the building automation environment.

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