WAGO Pro 2 Power Supplies

19 March 2020
Power Now Communicates

The WAGO Pro 2 Power Supply, with units ranging from 120–960 W, sets new industry communication and parameterization benchmarks. It can connect to both a PLC and IoT gateway via a snap-on type communication module (currently, IO-Link; ETHERNET-based protocols such as Modbus TCP, Ethernet IP, PROFINET in the future).

This selection of standardized protocols ensures convenient and reliable integration into the respective infrastructure. “Long lifespans, maximum efficiency and minimum installation size mean maximum reduction of operating costs – these are direct benefits for our customers and also for system operators, from the very first day of use,” says Klaus Böhmer, Manager, Interface Electronics Business Unit at WAGO.

At a Glance:

  • Intelligent monitoring functions achieve transparency.

  • Save energy and space thanks to peak efficiency of 96.3%.

  • TopBoost or PowerBoost guarantee reliable system uptime.

  • Comprehensive parameterization possibilities enable customized power supplies.

Intelligent Monitoring Functions

Data from the WAGO Pro 2 Power Supply Unit (PSU) can be saved and analyzed for energy optimization; the central PLC can switch off distributed PSUs in parts of the system via a hardware signal or bus command in order to activate standby mode to save energy – and with the unit's monitoring functions, provide information about current power supply or connected load data.

Maximum Efficiency for Maximum Savings

These slimline power supplies combine exceptional high-power density with excellent efficiency, requiring less space and generating less heat in the control cabinet. The Pro 2 boasts an energy conversion efficiency of up to 96.3 percent. The combination of highly efficient power electronics and digital control enables savings on energy and operating costs, while cutting CO2 emissions.

TopBoost or PowerBoost

The high-performance TopBoost or PowerBoost guarantee maximum system uptime. Equipped with a flexible interface, the PSUs are ready for any application requirement. When required, parameters such as output voltage and overload behavior can be easily configured via software.

Custom Configuration

The “Electronic Circuit Breaker” function is a noteworthy configuration option. With it, users can reliably turn off the output when an overload threshold is exceeded after a predetermined time.