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Topics 24 September 2021
Life and Work on the Banks of the Weser

Discover the charms of this modern, family-friendly city of 80,000 in northeastern North Rhine-Westphalia.
In the charming landscape of the Weserbergland region, you’ll find attractive options for recreation and a wide range of cultural and sports activities.

Feeling at Home in Minden:

  • Work and Family
  • Culture and Recreation
  • The City and Its Surroundings

Work and Family

Balancing work and family is often easier said than done. At WAGO, we offer flexible work models to provide the best possible support to help our employees meet this challenge.
Working mothers and fathers in Minden also can also take advantage of a wide range of childcare options, both in daycare centers and in the form of vacation care. In addition, together with five other companies and the Kinderschutzbund child rights lobby, we founded the Löwenzahn daycare center (meaning “dandelion” in German) to provide care for employees’ children. This service has already been expanded by adding the “Marienkäfer” daycare center (meaning “ladybug” in German). Numerous general education schools and bilingual schools, as well as the vocational college and the university of applied sciences, await you at the Minden campus and provide a wide range of educational opportunities.

Culture and Recreation

With numerous attractions and green spaces around the Weser River and the Mittelland Canal, Minden offers the ideal place for young and old to feel right at home. In addition to opportunities for relaxation in nature, picnics in the Mindener Glacis park and walks along the Weser, Minden also offers opportunities for active recreation. Water sports are especially popular in this region; together with numerous fitness studios, sports clubs and hiking trails, they offer the perfect counterpoint to work life. Minden’s city center has a wide variety of shops and cozy cafes and serves as a focal point for all age groups, with numerous cultural attractions. Visit:

  • The Minden Cathedral
  • The historical ship mill,
  • The Minden Aqueduct
  • The Minden weekly market in front of the historical backdrop of St. Martin’s Church and
  • The historic Wittekindsburg castle

or visit www.minden-erleben.de for more inspiring experiences. People might expect Minden to be unremarkable, but this film vividly demonstrates all the excitement that awaits you there. In addition, Minden offers attractive excursion destinations for families and young people. The nearby Potts Adventure Park, regular events, concerts, performances in the town theater and highlights such as the traditional “Freischießen” city festival and the water sports competitions for the “Blue Ribbon on the Weser” show off the city’s many sides. During the Christmas season, visitors enjoy a wide variety of culinary offerings in the city center. With various carousels, the yearly Christmas market is an experience for the whole family. For more information about our beautiful city on the Minden Aqueduct and the unique advantages of the “Mühlenkreis” district, visit www.standort-minden-luebbecke.de.

Our Company Sports Groups:

  • Sailing

  • Running | Nordic Walking

  • Soccer | Soccer (co-ed & fun)

  • Volleyball | Tennis | Badminton

  • Biking

  • Music

  • Board Games

The City and Its Surroundings

WAGO Kontakttechnik GmbH & Co. KG, with 3,200 employees in Minden, is one of the largest employers in the Ostwestfalen-Lippe region of North Rhine-Westphalia and helps contribute to its economic stability along with about 12,000 other companies. Learn more about OWL here.


Thanks to its favorable geographic location, Minden has optimal connections to regional and federal highways and the rail network, making it easy to reach by any means of transportation. The Minden industrial port “RegioPort,” which opened in July 2019, increases the efficiency of the transport system and connects Minden to German seaports via various transport routes. Airports such as Hanover and Paderborn can be reached within an hour; Minden’s professional fire department is always at the ready to reach the scene of an emergency within a few minutes. Many of our colleagues commute daily from nearby Hanover, Osnabrück or Bielefeld. At WAGO, we facilitate carpooling with colleagues from the region to establish internal contacts and make the commute easier. In addition, Minden is characterized by affordable housing in various locations. Have a look here to see how inexpensive apartments in Minden and the surrounding area can be.

Inspiration for You

Working at WAGO

Our Commitment to Employees

As a family-run company, the needs of our employees are important to us – and this dedication is demonstrated by our many seals of approval.


The WAGO Factory in Thuringia

Our production and logistics site in Sondershausen, Thuringia was constructed in 1990.