Item no. 771-9985/106-101

WINSTA® MIDI pre-assembled connecting cable; Eca; Socket/open-ended; 5-pole; Cod. I; H05VV-F 5G 1.5 mm²; 1 m; 1,50 mm²; blue

Item no. 771-9985/106-101
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Cable assembly WINSTA® MIDI I coding

Use effective pluggable connections instead of laborious screw connections: With the WINSTA® MIDI cable assembly I coding. Our pluggable installation connectors with spring pressure connection technology work without screw connections. They allow fast, efficient, error-free installation in a large number of possible uses. For greater protection in electrical installations, the pluggable installation connector is equipped with mechanical protection against mismating. The pluggable installation connector offers protection against contact with live components in accordance with protection type IP20 (When mated: IP2xC (These compact connectors are not designed for use in open, easily accessible areas!)). WINSTA® MIDI pluggable installation connectors with I coding in blue are primarily suitable for lighting management, for instance for the dimming function of DALI lights. The WINSTA® MIDI Pluggable Connection System with Push-in CAGE CLAMP® spring pressure connection technology facilitates precise electrification. Due to the built-in test slot, connections can be checked even when they are plugged in. That saves time and reduces installation labor and costs. According to the European CPR, the fire class of the cables used in construction is critical for the safety of buildings, too. For houses with medium-level safety requirements, cable assemblies with fire class E are suitable.

Fast, error-free assembly thanks to cable assemblies from WAGO

The cable is pre-assembled with a socket and a free end. The WINSTA® Pluggable Connection System allows pluggable electrical installation. This significantly reduces the need for servicing and lowers costs. Choose durability and quality – the WINSTA® MIDI pluggable installation connector with protection type IP20 from WAGO makes the installation of electrical components substantially easier.

  • protection against mismating eliminates errors
  • simple circuits
  • for lighting management
  • custom-engineered solutions
  • convenient installation and commissioning