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Efficiency Made Easy

Increase your efficiency with TOPJOB® S Rail-Mount Terminal Blocks, including accessories and software.

Ever-tighter delivery deadlines, falling costs and a growing shortage of skilled labor are creating challenges for switchgear manufacturing. Remaining competitive and cost-effective in this environment requires sophisticated, efficient products and systems throughout the whole process chain.

An Overview of Our Portfolio:

Our Perfectly Matched Product Selection

Smart Designer Configurator

WAGO’s Smart Designer configurator for WAGO products gives you access to projects at any time, from anywhere in the world – no installation required. Save time and avoid errors with location-independent project processing and plausibility checks early on. Generate complete parts lists – directly via Smart Designer or with suitable interfaces to your higher-level engineering tool.

Marking System

Finish tasks faster – WAGO’s powerful Smart Script marking system for all control cabinet components saves time. Create detailed marking strips with up to three lines directly from Smart Designer or via Smart Script. Our Smart Printer also gives you the option of printing your markings directly from a large variety of systems.

Rail-Mount Terminal Block System

Save time and avoid errors in realizing your switchgear: Thanks to reliable push-in connection technology and a selection of actuation variants (levers, push-buttons and operating slots), our rail-mount terminal blocks are especially lightweight and allow rapid handing, both in the workshop and in the field.

It’s More Efficient When Everything Fits



We provide data, macros and interfaces to CAE tools.


Design and Engineering

Plan your projects at any time, from anywhere in the world, using Smart Designer.



Handle detailed marking tasks quickly.



Carry out projects with the right terminal block for any application.


The Interplay of Systems and Products

Increasing efficiency is crucial for cost-effective, competitive switchgear manufacturing. Our TOPJOB® S Rail-Mount Terminal Block line, associated accessories and supplemental software give you components that are perfectly calibrated to each other for an efficient engineering process – from planning to delivery. Besides our user-friendly line of rail-mount terminal blocks, this also includes providing high-quality CAE product data and macros, seamless interfaces to our tools, such as the Smart Designer online configurator, to CAE tools, such as EPLAN or WSCAD, and detailed, continuous marking , which you can already generate using Smart Designer or Smart Script and which later provides a significantly clearer overview of the switchgear.


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» Switchgear manufacturers are constantly faced with the challenge of optimizing their production chain and making it more efficient in order to remain competitive. «

Rainer Kampenga, Project Planning for Industry

What are the challenges currently in the engineering process?

The challenges in planning a control cabinet often arise from the specifications themselves. For example, more and more functions need to be accommodated in less and less space. This requires very detailed planning early in the planning phase already in order to select components – e.g., rail-mount terminal blocks – that are as efficient as possible and save as much space as possible. The need to access a product’s technical data as quickly as possible presents another challenge. No one has the time anymore for laborious background research on a component. Generating circuit diagrams also requires extensive manufacturer macro libraries to allow correct drawings.

Where do you see potential for optimization?

One important factor is the information flow between the interfaces. This process must prevent lost or missing information. The transfer of information must not be too complicated – for example if parts lists still need to be transferred by hand from one system to another. If things go awry at the interfaces, this can cause errors or frequent, time-consuming back-and-forth. It is also important to have clean data continuity, from planning to delivery. The data transfer needs to run smoothly and easily, and the manufacturing documents must be clear and easy to read. It is important to provide the right amount of relevant information in as few exchange formats as possible – preferably open ones.

What products will be relevant to that in the future?

Data is everything. As always, manufacturers will still need to provide correct, complete data with consistent quality – and to do so consistently for all standard market formats. In addition to the data sheets, this also includes the circuit diagram and 2D and 3D structure macros. Tools that facilitate project planning are also helpful, e.g. for calculation, plausibility checks, marking and commissioning support. Ideally, these tools should be loaded from the main project planning system, or even run there as an add-in, to ensure that everything works together cleanly. As a general rule, the less time I need for project planning, the happier I am to use the product. The same is true of handling during installation and wiring.

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