News June 8, 2017
Precise component marking: The WAGO thermal transfer printer Smart Printer with cutting unit

We assume that we have an unbeatably inexpensive printer - that the marking material is great, too. But what is much more important than the products themselves is that everything fits together – because economical marking in control cabinets only works if the marking data can be printed conveniently without errors. That’s exactly what the WAGO marking system offers. And WAGO's new Smart Script marking software adds yet another element.

“Should a machine be at a standstill just because one connection is faulty? A solution for this problem is urgent,” says Barbara Tiemann, Product Manager for ELECTRICAL INTERCONNECTIONS at WAGO. After all, the costs of failures can extend into the millions. “You want to open the cabinet, find your way around immediately and locate the faults quickly,” says Tiemann. This increases the importance of marking the terminal blocks. This has long since been about more than just making markers as durable as possible.

In actual use, marking of components must, above all, be reasonably priced, easy, and fast. WAGO delivers all of these features with one integrated and fine-tuned marking system, which includes planning and marking software, the smartPRINTER, along with different marking materials. The cutter module developed specially for thesmartPRINTER rounds out this solution package. This module can be integrated into an existing unit in only a few simple steps. The cutter’s long-lasting, high-quality Japanese blade guarantees precise and neatly cut edges – annoying touch-up cutting by hand and jagged edges are now a thing of the past. The cutter reliably and neatly cuts the marked materials at the right position.

Your Benefits:

  • Automatic cutting for time savings
  • Processing of many labeling materials
  • Quick connection to the smartPRINTER

  • Durable, high-quality Japanese knife

All Device Marking from a Single Source

As a practical cutting unit, the cutter is the ideal addition to the smartPRINTER, which provides impressive marking results. The print is clear and resistant to environmental influences, as well as wipe- and scratch-proof according to DIN EN 60068. Material can be changed out in just a few steps. WAGO has deliberately kept the marking of its terminal blocks and I/O modules simple. The multiple-line marking strip can also be applied to mixed conductor cross-sections, thanks to the identical contours of the TOPJOB®S Rail-Mount Terminal Blocks. By using the corresponding adapters, it can also be employed for marking all I/O modules. Labels, nameplates, push-button markers, as well as cable and conductor markers can also be processed in addition to marking strips. This makes it possible to mark any rail-mount terminal blocks, I/O modules, pluggable connectors and relay modules, as well as the conductors and cables connected to them using one single device – and speaking of devices, these can also be marked.

Design Template Included

"The individual elements can also be controlled by other system components," Tiemann explains the cooperation in the WAGO system. For example, data from planning in the CAE system could be transferred directly to the printer. No one needs to leave the data environment, since all the information reaches its destination via interfaces without any hiccups.

The highlight: The software adapts the size of the text entered to the available space, since the maximum number of characters, optimal size and font are stored. “That’s how we ensure that every marker is clearly legible,” explains Tiemann.

» Much more important is that our customers have a system at hand with which they can get their marking information to the terminals quickly, cost-effectively and error-free. «

Barbara Tiemann, Produktmanagerin ELECTRICAL INTERCONNECTIONS bei WAGO

When Everything Fits Together

“As part of Industry 4.0, machines and systems operate in a network,” says Tiemann, describing the environments within industrial companies. “The controller in the cabinet must take that into account too.” That’s exactly where WAGO’s focus lies. ”We don’t just want to provide a super printer or a perfect marking strip,” says Tiemann. “It is much more important that our customers have a system at hand that allows their marking information to reach the terminals blocks quickly, cost-effectively and free of errors.” How well such a system can be integrated into everyday business operations depends crucially on what the customer chooses. And this is precisely where WAGO scores points with its perfectly synchronized system consisting of free software, an unbeatable printer and optimized marking materials.

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